I was a guest on my colleague Shawn Hill’s blog radio show last night we discussed what it really takes to raise strong male children when you are a single parent. Here are a few of the highlights:

#1 If you are a single mom you first have to acknowledge that YOU cannot raise a male child into a strong man because you are not a man. i found it much easier dealing with my son once I relinquished the idea that I could raise into a strong man alone.

2# Once you have come to the realization that you cannot raise your son into a man, you must get him engaged in activities that require him to be in the presence of men who can serve as positive role models.

3# These activities i speak of do not need to be limited to sports. Not every male child born is a natural athlete.I should know as my son is not athletic at all.

#4) Introduce them at the earliest age possible to a variety of activities to see which one will spark their interest. Ages will vary as my son is into music, however the music program here does not really begin until the fourth grade.

5# Encourage your son, DO NOT LEAD!!! Once he has decided on something of interest just be his guide. As I like to say i merely fill the tank in the car and drive. If you have to take public transportation DO IT!! Show your son that you are willing to match his effort!

6# When opportunities arise encourage your son to TAKE ADVANTAGE of them! More than likely one opportunity will lead to more. As I have always told my son “When you are willing to do today what others will not do,you will reap the rewards tomorrow that they will wish they had.”

It is not easy being a single mom, and sometimes finding opportunities for your child may seem nearly IMPOSSIBLE. If you do not know where to begin looking. Try calling your local school department and ASK,ASK,ASK!!! Until you get an answer. You might also contact your church and ASK!!!


You never know, you could have the next Albert Einstien sitting in your living room.