With all the technology available to us to connect and engage in networking, I still see some of the same old traits that enable people to perpetuate their failure.If you have enough time to check your cell phone every thirty seconds then you have time to write an e-mail to a prospective client or join in a discussion on an online forum.Start using all those gadgets you spend a good portion of your paycheck on to propel you into success.

When you have made a connection with someone make sure you follow up.You can do this by asking your new connection if they are open to hearing from you let’s say once a week. You can prearrange the day and the time to ensure that you both will be prepared. If your connection does not have time for a phone call set up a meeting place and do something small like coffee(ice tea for me).

Do not allow yourself to fall into a pattern where you gain connections but fail to connect.Reach out to others as often as you can through whatever medium you desire.

Your future success depends on your ability to connect!