Its that time of year! The time when warmer weather entices people to go on some sort of vacation. I say that because not everyone is in a financial position to take off to Disney, Aruba,Jamaica or any of the other Caribbean destinations. There is absolutely NO shame in taking time away from your job regardless of your destination.

For the past five years I have been able to get away to a place not too far from where I live in Massachussetts. It is a lovely island south of Cape Cod in the Atlantic ocean called Martha’s Vineyard. The picture above is one I took with my IPhone. It is at a place called Gay Head, just one of the many tourist attractions this island has to offer. This particular beach displays beautiful colors from its mostly clay makeup. i plan on returning to this island yearly, mostly due to my ability to achieve the three R’s.

I have over the years tried many forms of vacations. When I had absolutely no budget for a vacation, I would take my Costco beach chair and matching umbrella to the local beach for a day. Along with a good book and a bottle of water, I would try to get some solitude. But i think I was just too close to Home. All I could think about was the laundry, bills that needed to get paid and what were my kids doing?

On my first trip to to this island, I was consumed with worrying about all the same things at first. Until it was pointed out to me that Geographically there was NOTHING I could do about the bills,kids or the laundry ! Once I realized that, I began to RELAX. No one was going to come onto the beach where I was to arrest me over a bill that was a couple of days over due. And let’s face it, laundry and housework go nowhere until they get done! As far as the kids were concerned, if they reeked havoc with their relatives in my absence so be it.I would have plenty of time to listen to the two of my kids argue and fight when I got back.

With my responsibilities placed in the proper perspective, I looked again at the view in front of me. I allowed my body to completely succumb to the peacefulness of the ocean I was looking at. It took a couple of days before I started to feel the first glimpses of RE-CHARGING. My body that was worn from the stresses of single parenting was beginning to have some energy replaced. My usual interrupted nights sleep was replaced with eight hours of REM. It was a beautiful thing.

By the time I boarded the ferry back to Woods Hole I was a completely different person. I had been REPLENISHED by this trip. By removing myself from all the stress I had in my life , it forced me to ALLOW the three R’s to take place.

Wherever you go and whatever vacation you decide to go on ALLOW the three R’s into your experience. It will make all the difference when you return to YOUR life!