Goodbye : goodbye

Yesterday marked the beginning of the funerals to come for the victims of the bombings in Boston. I watched yesterday in awe of the mother of the young woman who was slain in the attack. Although she was riddled with unfathomable grief she stood her ground and wore her tears bravely as the cameras captured her for the world to see. She was saying her formal goodbye to her child who she never imagined would be passing before her time.In an instant gone from her grasp. She was flanked by two gentlemen who stoically stood by in anticipation of her falling part.

Saying goodbye is something we all do everyday. We do it without really much thought,until it is the last one said. There is something that hits you like a cinder block that someone has placed on your chest when you realize that it is the final goodbye. Sure you will have your memories about all the good times you shared. The photos of that person will always be a part of your collection.

But I think the most difficult part of saying goodbye (at least or myself) is leaving the cemetery. Leaving that place with nothing but a heavy heart filled with sorrow, eyes filled with tears, and arms empty for the first time in a long time without purpose for the remainder of that day.At that moment it is beyond comprehension what the future has in store for everything is frozen in that long ride home.

Cards and letters will come as some comfort. The true support must come from our BELIEF that our loved one is in a safe place free from mortal pain and suffering.