It is not always easy to stand firm in what you believe in. Especially when there are plenty of people around you who are in disagreement. But you have to do what is right for YOU! No questions asked ! If you try to do otherwise you will be living someone else’s reality and not your own.

When this happens, the people around you are satisfied. But there usually is this feeling that will not let go. That intuitive voice that keeps telling you that you are on the wrong track. There is nothing worse than giving in to other people. it is the same as giving up.Because in this process you will be pushed harder and harder into what OTHER people want. And only when those folks have depleted their use for you will they stop and go away.Leaving you wondering why you changed your course in the first place.

Some people will be against you, they will at some point respect you for standing your ground. Not too many people I know respect someone who decides to abandon their values. And if they tell you they will respect you for that, you had better check your back while you are in their presence. I guarantee that they will be the first to tell everyone in their circle about how they were able to sway you to go in another direction.

Maybe this person is a friend or co-worker. They may want you to take a shortcut. Even though you know better than to do that, at some level you might CONSIDER it. I mean after all, it would only be this once? Right? Or would it become a pattern of behavior you will not be able to change once you take the plunge? What if you were to get caught doing this shortcut? Would it be wort losing your job over?

The same can be said for changing the way you do things at home. Once you decide to change the way you are living to someone else’s way, you are losing a large part of yourself. Stand Firmly planted in your beliefs and do not allow anyone else to take your power. After all that is all we have!