I used to think success was limited to the amount of money one made and the things you could purchase with it. However, over the years I have learned that having substance and self worth make a person much more successful than anything money can buy.

I once worked for a company many years ago that sold a luxury item. The owner had built up the company, and had acquired quite a few national accounts.One day we were premiering a new software tool that would be used in the ordering process for a national account. We were all told to make sure our desks were clean and tidy. I spent an entire afternoon cleaning and prepping my are for the next morning. I was nervous the next day. When the owner came to my desk he promptly lifted his leg and placed his foot on my desk. I tapped his foot with a pen I had and asked him to remove his foot. He apologized and removed his foot from my desk. Later he informed me that he had done that on several occasions to other employees but I was the only one who had asked him to remove his foot. The others spent their time being angry and talking about what he had done. I had earned this man’s respect and a raise.