I was recently app parent of a teenager approached by a beleaguered parent of a teenager who participates in an organized sport. i would tell you which one, but that is irrelevant as the real”meat and bones” here has to do with more than just a child’s involvement in the game. You see, in so many cases parents lose sight of what they are REALLY expecting out of their children and how their own actions precipitate how their children enter and engage in the world as THEY see it.

As parents we ask our children to mind their manners, be polite,clean their rooms,do their homework, and most importantly ,we ask them to make new friends. We encourage the idea of teamwork whether in sports,chorus,band or dance. Being part of a team is an important part of learning how to get along in life. We shuffle our children from school to whatever lesson they have to get to, squeezing in a meal as we go. All the while grilling them about how their day was,how much homework they have and what test score did they just receive.

What children do as part of a team is very remarkable,because unlike adults they are still young enough without any cynicism to embrace all of their teammates as long as they are doing their best. Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that within any team there are not weak links,but what children do that adults do not do is still encourage those who they feel can still make it even though they may be struggling.

When was the last time any of us did that?