We are in an ever changing technology phase right now. Where ten years ago we could not have dreamed of being able to make a video with a phone let alone stream music while we are driving,walking or reading. But are we really making the best use of all this new technology?

I think that our basic interest and desire to learn more and do more has lead us to allow technology to interfere with our most basic relationships. Since when is it cute for a toddler to be glued to a screen of a handheld device instead of observing the world around him/her. When did we stop really communicating with one another in genuine conversation over a meal or a cup of coffee?

I still remember when Barnes and Noble opened up near me and I would take my two children over to the store. We would spend a lot of time in the children’s book section then head over to the coffee shop for some hot cocoa! Now what I see when I go there are moms on their cell phones either texting or talking while their children look at books! don’t get me wrong we all need our grown -up time with our friends. But it is a SHORT season that our children are small and still find everything we take for granted awe inspiring! Make the most of it. You are building your child’s memories right now! It is not what you are giving them that they will remember. They will remember what the hot cocoa smelled like on a cold winter’s night. Or the time that you all snuggled together on the couch to watch their favorite movie or show! Give them the best building blocks you will never have to buy… MEMORIES!!!