The Healing Garden as it is known is located on the grounds of a community hospital. It has a small bridge and natural like stream that makes the noise of a current. Within its shallow depths are a few fish that live there year round. Curious thing about those fish. They actually hibernate during the cold months and then are awoken with the spring. Many patients have visited these gardens over the years. Some have been wheeled out in chairs while others have sat attached to their IV poles. It is a place that offers comfort and solace to all who come.


I pass by these gardens daily on my way to work. And until recently have never fully considered their true value. Sure I had mentioned to patients and families that the gardens were beautiful and that it was a place everyone should visit,but I never personalized it. Until one day I was going to work and it was pouring rain. As I was rushing to get to the door before getting soaked, I looked down and saw a couple of fish swimming. It was then all at once that I realized I was passing through a very special place. It is special in more ways than one.


It’s location makes it the perfect balance between medical and self healing. Much of what is taught in nursing school ( I was half way through before I was financially forced to leave), is a blend between what can be cured through medication and just some good old fashioned homeopathic solutions. A great example of this is to take the case of someone with a fever. One of the first things we can do is to place a cool cloth on their forehead and remove any heavy blankets. Then of course taking some Tylenol is certainly helpful. But the TYLENOL by itself may NOT be enough. Without the ability to help ourselves by using a cool cloth and to NOT incubate the fever, our condition could get worse.

Even if you do not live near such a place as the healing gardens, there is no reason why you cannot create your ow n healing space. It is quite achievable. Decide TODAY… RIGHT NOW that you are going to dedicate a small part of your living space to your HEALING. It does not have to be physical healing only. Sometimes we all need a mental break as well. One small corner of your living area can be just for quiet time. a place you can go to let go of all the stress and unnecessary noise of the day. While you close your eyes and still your mind you will begin to notice some physical changes. Your heart may stop racing and your pulse might slow down a bit.

Good luck and let me know how this works for you!