eastermorning tomb

It had been three days since the crucifixion. Jesus’s dead body had been placed inside a tomb.And it was time for it to be anointed. Three women started out that Sunday morning at dawn to prepare the body.In the Bible Mary Magdalene,Mary the mother of James, Joanna and Salome are all mentioned. This was to be no different from any other anointing. By all accounts the women were having some conversation on their way.That was until they reached their destination.

As they approached the tomb an angel appeared to them. The angel was sitting on top of the stone. The very one that was placed in front of the tomb. He told the women that Jesus had RISEN from the dead.Then he invited the women to look inside for themselves.

The stone was removed by the Angel and created an earthquake. The removal of the stone was not to allow Jesus to leave the tomb. But rather to show that he had already left. In spite of man’s placing such a large obstacle in the way, God’s promise was going to be fulfilled. Jesus had already been resurrected .

The guards who were on duty shook in fear when the angel removed the stone.In those three days after the crucifixion there was plenty of fear. Fear of an uncertain future now that Jesus lay dead in a tomb.When the stone was removed it showed the guards that they were powerless when it came to the divine.

Since those early days we celebrate the resurrection every Easter. For me the removal of the stone has always captivated special interest.

Who moved the rock

God’s power is displayed in the angel’s placement on top of the stone. Something that took several mortal men to put into place was removed easily by one angel.

Once inside the tomb where he had been laid, the women could see that he clearly was no longer inside. Without the stone being removed they might not have taken the angel’s word for it. Because it is human nature to not believe something we cannot see,feel or place our hands on.

The same is true in our daily lives. Things happen and circumstances are presented to us. But without concrete proof we often are doubtful.We read stories all the time about how people find themselves in miraculous situations. Sometimes we see these stories played out in videos online.

Today as I celebrate Easter I will be mindful of this story and the importance of removing the stone!