Positive_thinking : Positive Thinking Word Cloud Concept in red capital letters with great terms such as good, mental, thought, life, optimism and more

It has taken me the better part of my life to really understand the effects that positive thinking can have on my everyday experiences.I have read most of every positive thinking book that is in print over and over again without really getting it! Then one day in the middle of complete despair over the continual cycle of bad things happening to me I realized… I HAD A CHOICE! Bad things were happening because of me not to me! They were occurring because I was waiting for them to occur. Every time I would think that I would not be able to do something because the money would not be there. Guess what? I was right the money was not there. Once I changed my thoughts to a more positive way of thinking did things begin to shift in my favor. Opportunities have begun to present themselves to me because I am open to them and the success they can bring into my existence.Oh yeah that’s another thing! Being ready and willing to be successful!

I say hello to everyone I come into contact with either at work or in my personal time. It makes a HUGE difference when you show GENUINE interest in someone else’s welfare. It also takes the focus off of your problems or concerns when you are listening to someone else. And most importantly it improves moral within the workplace. Instead of people walking around with frowns or serious faces feeling like it is another day at the SALT MINES, a positive attitude and a sense of being grateful for the work or service that you are allowed to perform will tip the scales of success in your favor!

Just thinking!