We have power beyond measure. But how often do we use this power to effect change. We all like to talk about the things we would like to do. However, this is usually discussed as an individual journey.While there is nothing wrong with that, we need to become people who are interacting with others on a regular basis. i am not referring to our best friends who we communicate with on a daily basis either. Why not reach out to people you do not know in order to get some things done?

If you live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of litter, why not get some of the neighbors together to clean it up? You could wait for the street sweeper to come from the DPW. But in between the time they show up, you could have an accumulation of more litter.

A short distance from where I live there is this very small neighborhood. There are about 10 houses on this particular street. Every year at July 4th they have a block party. It gets a little inconvenient because i usually use that route as a shortcut to my house. One year I stopped by on my walk to the beach. I asked one of the people there what they liked about the yearly event. They said that it kept their neighborhood from becoming a bedroom community.

Harsh winters prevent out door activities other than shoveling.In this neighborhood they have organized a shoveling and snow blowing brigade. They have been doing this for a few years now. It prevents anyone person from getting to fatigued when there is a large snowfall. They also have a few people who are home during the day. Those folks break out the shovels and snowblowers should there be any snowfall during the day.It is a small community that sustains itself by being interactive year round.

By working together they have a community not just a neighborhood! Now that is something to come together for!