laundry today or naked tomorrow

Have ever reached for you favorite shirt or pair of jeans only to realize they need to be washed? Then you probably thought to yourself that better planning would definitely be in order. Your life would probably be near perfection if that were the case right? Wrong! There is not a person on the planet who can plan that efficiently. And even if your jeans and favorite shirt were clean, whose to say you would not be looking to wear something different?

That is the problem with tomorrow. It is the day that we cannot see. We have no idea really how we will be feeling a day from now. It exists in the future. But what we can do is prepare the best we know how to be ready for the day after today. This is easy to do for events that are within our control. However, when things happen that we could not have not possibly foreseen, that is when it becomes extremely challenging. This is when having your favorite outfit clean does not matter.

At this stage we go into reactionary mode. This can place us permanently on the defensive if we allow that to happen. I used to do this myself. Instead of just doing what I needed to do I was constantly involving myself into situations and conversations that had no bearing on where I was or what I was trying to achieve. Once I decided not give all my power away, it shifted everything around. I suddenly was not carrying the weight of everyone else’s worries on my shoulder’s. My thoughts were focused on what and where I wanted to go.

While I am not ALWAYS prepared for what tomorrow might bring, I know I will not be naked. I always have something to wear!

What laundry do you need to do for tomorrow?