Regardless of where you live, the weather has an enormous impact on your daily life. Depending upon what it will be like outside means the difference between needing a coat or a sweater. It can also indicate the necessity of having an umbrella in case there is some precipitation. But being prepared does not stop there. You might have to anticipate poor traveling conditions that might lengthen your commute. People drive differently depending upon the weather.

But what happens when the weather of YOUR life changes without notice. You might be going along in a ray of sunshine, reveling in the glow and absorbing the warmth. Then without warning the clouds take over, darkness is all around you and the RAIN begins to come down. You cannot tell when the storm will end because there does not seem to be any light coming in. And your umbrella does not work because it is raining sideways.

We all know that kind of rain storm. When the wind is whipping the rain in all kinds of directions. And there is not an umbrella in the world that can combat that! All you can do is cover yourself from head to toe in rain gear. You cannot dodge the rain drops no matter how much you try. But in the process of dealing with the storm, you are developing skills that help you cope with what is happening.

Maybe you learn how to keep from getting completely drenched when the rain hits. Or you navigate a faster route to work, that is less traveled. Either way a lesson is learned. Oh you might not realize it at first. You may not even think that you are nay better off from experiencing the storm. But when the next rough patch comes along, your skills will show themselves. And at that moment you will reap the benefits of all you learned from the first storm.

That is when you will know what you CAN WEATHER!!