There are many factors that can determine a person’e success. At the top of the list is how much time they put into becoming an expert at whatever field they decide to go into. While everyone else may be floundering around for the quick and easy solution, those who want long lasting success are willing to invest of themselves and their time. These are the people who shut off their phones while they are trying to become proficient at a new venture.

Without distractions their ability to focus is second to none. They will return phone calls when they are done with that particular part of their day. But their priority is in making themselves successful. Even if it means going at a snails pace to get there.

They also have the capacity to do things that others will not understand to reach their destination. They may embark on a self improvement course to increase their self confidence. Or they may connect with people who seem as though they cannot be of any assistance at all. Only the successful person understands the importance of connecting with other people. And they do so regardless of personal benefit from the association.

Give more service than is expected and it will be returned to you tenfold!

Photo: Google