From the very first time I heard Maya Angelou speak on television, I was captivated by her words. They touched me in a way I have never felt before. It was as though all those feelings I had were finally being spoken albeit from someone else’s mouth.

But this particular quote is the one that propelled me to begin speaking and telling my story. I could have never foreseen how sharing my experiences with others would be helpful for myself as well. It releases all of my pent up emotions around being sick and realizing that I would have more life left to live. My story also helps to motivate those who hear it to take stock of where they are and what they have.

What story have you been holding onto? Tell it before you run out of time. Do not think that what you feel or have been through is not relevant. Everything has relevance, and you might just be “bearing” information that can be of use to someone you have never met. Choose the platform that works best for you. Then get that story out there! Walk, talk or write someone will read it or be listening.

One of the parents of a victim to the recent shooting in California spoke at a press conference. He was so sad when he talked about his deceased son. He could not hide the tears that fell while he tried to make sure that everyone knew something about his child. A few days after his press conference he received a card in the mail from Newton Ct. It was from a father who lost his child in the shooting last year of school children . His words said “We Are Family”.

Without telling his story and sharing his emotions, he would have just been another parent suffering in silence.To remember Maya Angelou is a wonderful thing. But to read what she wrote and fully ingest it is a better way to pay homage to a truly gifted person!