One of the cornerstones of moving in a direction towards a life of fulfillment is to VISUALIZE what it is you want. There are countless books on the market that give varying accounts on how to master this technique. What must be remembered in visualization is that we need not concern ourselves as to how we will get what we want.We must concern ourselves with continuing on the path that will ultimately get us to those things we can see.

If this sounds contradictory to you, it sounded the same way to me at first as well. It took thousands of countless hours on my part to begin to really Visualize what it was I really wanted. At first,I thought all I had to do was make a board of all the things I wanted and then just go about my daily business. I had not made any adjustments to my schedule or considered any alternatives to what I was doing. I just kept reading the inspirational books I purchased over and over again. After several months of doing this, nothing happened. I looked around one day to realize I was in the exact same place I was in before I started reading.

At the time I was working 36 hours every weekend at a nursing home as a nursing assistant. During the week I drove my children to school and to their activities after school. I was a newly single parent as well as recovering from breast cancer surgery. Between the recovery and keeping the kids emotionally stable ,I was really only giving lip service to the process of Visualizing what I wanted. Sure I had made the Visualization board and had it displayed prominently in my bedroom. But when my kids would come into my room for any reason I would hide it. I am not sure what I was afraid of; my kids asking questions, or having to explain to them and actually believe that I could achieve anything on that board.

Difficult times presented themselves when my ex-husband lost his job and the child support dried up.It was at this juncture I envisioned myself staying in the house that the children had grown up in. I reached within myself despite my tears of anger and anguish. With a determination I had never felt before,I asked people for extra hours at work and managed to hold myself and my children in their safe place. The truth be told it did not even feel like work. It just felt like the right thing to do.

When I asked for what I wanted and was clear with my intent the universe opened up to great me with an opportunity. I was not looking to copy anyone else’s dream or place blame where it did not belong. Those are emotions that would have been a waste of time.

Begin Visualizing your true desires today, by any means that will work for you!