Many people that I have spoken to describe their cup of courage differently. I think that is because the circumstances that require a drink from this cup are so vastly dissimilar. Each situation has its own set of dynamics that are as individual as the people I have interviewed.

Some people have had the cup in their cupboards for long periods of time. They had no idea that the cup was there or how powerful it could be. There are still other people who used it unknowingly. This is totally possible to do. In fact most people who are extremely courageous have no idea that they have been drinking from the cup until they are looking back on events from the past. Their courage manifests itself in the action they take to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in their way.

What I have discovered is that those people who had larger hurdles to overcome viewed their cup of courage to be significantly small. As compared with people who had minor stumbling blocks had fear over losing what they already have . The most interesting part of this data collection is that people with larger barriers to overcome believe they have no where to go but UP! Their cup of courage to them is seen as being minute.

Courage comes in many different forms. It is shown in the face of a single mother who works two jobs just to keep a modest roof over herself and her children. Or in they eyes of a homeless teenager who finds a way to go back to school and get off the streets. These examples are extreme compared to what the average person has to overcome. But they do exist in real time.

What does your cup of courage look like? How big of a sip do you require to get courage running through your veins?