ash wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded that it was Ash Wednesday. That means it is the season when people think about giving something up. Most of my peers have decided to limit their intake of certain foods. Chocolate in particular seems to be a popular choice. As I listened intently to the people around me moaning about what they would give up,I had a thought.

What if we approach Lent from a position of taking on something instead of giving something up. When one of the women I work with was expressing her dismay over having to give up snacks I made a suggestion to her. I said instead of saying you are giving up snacks, try saying I am taking on the challenge of not snacking.

Anytime we approach a situation from a position of lacking something it is what I consider to be a recipe for failure. I personally am taking on the challenge of eating more fruits and vegetables in exchange of pasta. Mentally I can deal with this much easier than saying I am GIVING UP PASTA.This would totally devastate my brain. After all I pretty much live on Pasta,Pizza and Bread !

I have actually increased consumption of some daily items. The largest increase has taken place in the amount of water I consume. I really had to talk myself into this one. It would not have been that difficult if I was not surrounded by sixty inches of snow and -2 temperatures. This kind of weather makes me want to drink more Hot Tea with milk and sugar. But I am well on my way o success after adding fresh lemon to my water. I also drink the water and room temperature. If i did not do that I would be shivering all day and night long.

What can you take on for Lent?