Sometimes no matter how hard we try to let go of things they continue to follow us.We often refer to it as having bad luck. But the reality is luck has very little to do with it. For the most part, when things are following us ,it is of our own design. Unlike junk mail that moves with us wherever we may go, circumstances are the creation of our behaviors.

One of my many sales positions was at a chemical distributor. When I first began at the company they made me a customer service representative. I really did not mind not being on the road. I enjoyed speaking with the customers over the phone. One thing I am really good at is making conversation with people. I was in an office with three other women who were also customer service representatives. Every Friday we would have a luncheon meeting. The company provided the food and we sat and listened to the things we could improve on and where we stood in customer satisfaction. At first I found these meetings very informative. I would take notes and the other reps would sit and snicker while I did.

After each meeting I would review my notes and make changes as to how I responded to customers when they called in. The changes I made as a result of those meetings started to show up in customers placing more orders with me. One afternoon I received a call from a company who had not placed an order with us in at least six months. The woman called me up I placed the order, and confirmed shipping with the warehouse. The next day, the order was delivered to the customer. A few days passed by and the customer called again this time with an even larger order. We were gaining ground with this account. Something that was recognized by the sales rep and the VP of sales.

The other women in the office were not seeing any change in the amount of order they were receiving. This was due to the fact that while I was taking notes, they were determined not to make any changes at all. Everyday they came into the office and answered the phones just as if they were processing apiece of paper. they had not listened to anything that was being said at our meetings. They continued to be followed with close supervision and could not figure out why. They would often complain about being micro-managed. But they had not changed their behavior. If they had changed their way of doing business it would have left the supervisor with other things to occupy her time with.

Change is not always easy to accept or to implement. But it must be done to forever remove us from what has been following us in the past!