It has been said that what is in our past is what has helped shape where you stand today. If that is true then maybe we should clear our rear view of all obstructions. You see it can seem impossible to move forward with everything that is behind us hanging in the background. But this is something that is totally in our control. We have within us the power to remove the clutter that is compromising our ability to move forward.

Things that clutter our view can be the failures we have encountered or the opportunities we let slip away. It takes some work clearing the view. From my own experience I have found it most helpful to change my focus. I began to let go of things that used to take up my time and break my forward movement. The process began with my encounter with breast cancer. When I came through surgery and was brought home for a month of recovery, I knew my life was forever changed.

I thoroughly cleaned my rear view mirror so that my view would represent what at was coming not what I had left behind. I completely let go of all my previous encounters with failure and opened up myself for all possibilities. I had a brief stint as an insurance agent selling health insurance. The problem was that I spent more time listening to people’s stories than I did selling anything. I found myself talking to people on the phone for twenty minutes or more. they would tell me their stories and I would offer some solutions. Out the window went the insurance business and Life Coaching stepped right in.

This opportunity had been following me all along.Using my natural curiosity about people, where they have been and what they can do for themselves ,found me. I had no idea it had been lurking around for quite some time.

Now I keep my rear view clear of all obstructions and clean it when it becomes somewhat cloudy! What’s in your rear view that you are not letting go of or paying attention to?