looking into the futureIf you had the opportunity to see the future would you take it? Before you answer that question consider the following. Life is made up of experiences not all of them pleasant. Along the way we have many gains and many losses. What we gain in material possessions is often offset by losses of those whose time has come to leave us here. We might not know when these things are going to happen, but it is the excitement that a promotion at work, the birth of a child, or a sudden windfall brings that makes our lives worth living. Equally as important, is the passing or loss of those we had in our lives. When we gather to mourn their absence we should also take stock of what they have left us with that will live on. Knowing these things that are to come in advance might leave us looking for excitement elsewhere.

Before you wish to know the exact details of the future, appreciate where you have been and all that you have had in your life. Sometimes that is enough to predict where you will go in the future.