There are in life many WINNING combinations. But the one that will certainly take you to your goals is when you can match your desire up with commitment. Now you might be thinking ” Of course you have to use these two things”. And everyone around you may KNOW that these two are key components for success. But how many people actually put this into practice, and live by it on a daily basis?

That number is in fact a small segment of the population. You see most people KNOW the right words and JARGON to use. However, when it comes time to do more than pay lip service to a dream or goal, that is an entirely different thing. Because we live in a society that is driven by instantaneous gratification. Before you get offended think about this for a moment.

All of our smart phones, tablets and laptops provide us with the ability to access information at the snap of a finger. We also can see and read about people who have made six figure a year incomes from doing things on the internet. With all of this access, it creates a false sense of security that we can make everything we want happen in an instant.

The truth is that no matter what you are embarking on, it is going to take all of your passion(desire to do it) and commitment(staying the course when it does not materialize overnight). If you are the person who works 40+hours a week and then puts in extra time on your passion then you have the RIGHT idea. It is going to take all that you have and then some to make your dreams a reality. But when you achieve your goal it will have been worth it.

True gratification does not come from instantaneous things. That kind of fulfillment is fleeting. It only lasts until the next great thing comes along. True gratitude comes when we have to work for things. Then it is a much more important decision to acquire something. With that kind of weight on the decision our choices become more selective. The way we view things is completely different as well. Instead of trying to stock pile things we would probably cut it down to just a coupe of items.

Engage your winning combination starting today and witness for yourself the transformation it will create in your life!