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It’s great to have dreams. But dreams sometimes by themselves are not enough. Even if the dream is put into motion it requires a certain something. That something is known as “HUSTLE”. This is a requirement to becoming really successful. Otherwise your dream could end up remaining in your head while you are sleeping.

Being able to “Hustle” requires taking action. In other words you have to keep things moving. This is easy to do when you are first starting out. We all have a great deal of enthusiasm when we begin any new venture. It is maintaining the exuberance that is the challenge. When days turn into weeks and then months, it becomes difficult to continue with the same level of energy. But that is exactly what it takes.

One of my favorite stories is that of Stacy’s Pita Chips. This company began selling sandwiches in Pita breads from a small cart in downtown Boston. their sandwiches were so popular that people were lined up a city block long. When people began turning away because of the long lines, Stacy cam up with a solution. She took some Pita breads and cut them into small pieces. Then she baked them in her oven. This created a Pita Chip.

When the customers started lining, up they were given some chips to munch on while they waited in line. It was not long before people wanted to know where they could get some of those delicious Pita Chips to buy. This was the beginning of a company that sold for 90 million dollars to Frito Lay in 2005.

These days Stacy is on board as a consultant since she is the one who knows the process of baking these chips. Not only did she get half of the selling price, she also makes a hefty salary as an employee of Frito Lay. Now that’s what I call “Hustle”!!