flower in the desertThere is a flower that grows in a desert. It survives the overbearing heat of the day.It blooms in spite of the frigid temperatures of nightfall. Most important than anything else, it flourishes without a regular supply of water. It’s fragrance is sweet even though the terrain it is in is acidic. Scorpions and other desert creatures climb over and around it, oblivious to the flower’s enticing appearance. Only the bee who requires nectar will benefit from this flower’s grace. Once the season has passed the flower will wilt and go away, all but forgotten.

Sometimes to achieve our goals we must withstand circumstances and climates that seem unbearable to others. They need not worry or concern themselves with your position as long as you stand tall and have enough to make it to another day. Your season not yet passed, you know what you are made of and how much you can take. Shine on without concern for those who do not see your talent. For there will be at least one who will!

Give more service than is required and you will receive tenfold!