we are all actors

You may not think of yourself as Denzel Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio or Angelina Jolie,but trust me at some point you have played a role. The difference is that none of us are on the big screen bringing in lots of people to see what it is we are doing.

In our personal and professional lives we probably do more acting than those that are highly paid for their services.Whether you have had to deal with a difficult co-worker or bandage a child’s scraped knee, that performance could have earned you an actual OSCAR or a TONY award!!

You might still be shaking your head saying that is not acting. We do not think of it that way because it is based on raw emotion. Our reaction stems from a situation that can impact our finances and our family structure. But that is exactly what acting is. Acting requires some knowledge of the range of human emotion. Then the actor draws on that knowledge to bring a part and character to life either onscreen or in a live performance.

If you are in customer service of any kind, you are definitely a pro at acting. When you smile at that difficult client who has nothing but salt and vinegar to spew at you, the academy should be taking notice! Or when the family member of a terminal patient is looking for some encouraging words, and you place your arms around them. This may be comforting to the family member, but for the service provider it requires acting.

There are still other situations that require acting on all our parts. When we are dealing with people who have contrary opinions to our own, that is definitely acting. I still remember when my son was in third grade. He and his sister were attending a private school at the time. That was until I attended parents night and my son’s teacher told me to go home and tell him not to raise his hand so often in class. He knew most if not all of the answers and the teacher wanted me to tell my bright child to douse down his intellect.

As the other parents watched in amazement, I informed his teacher that she would not have to deal with him much longer. He and his intellect would be moving to a school that would embrace him instead of making him feel like an outcast. I also informed her that it was not my duty to control her classroom. If I wanted that job I would apply and interview for it. It was one of my stellar performances as one onlooker informed me. It did not feel as though I was acting. but in retrospect it certainly was.

When was your last acting performance?