Christmas star

In the days following the first Christmas, three men had traveled great distances to Bethlehem. What is known of this story is that these men had noticed a new star in the sky. They watched it’s “rising”. The three men were undeterred when people looked at them oddly. Why would three men of great stature follow a star?

But they continued the journey until the destination had been reached. Once there , according to the accounts they knelt before the manger and presented their gifts to the one they had come to see.

Our own journey requires the same kind of dedication. We must be willing to follow the signs that appear to us telling us we are heading in the right direction. When we are met with people who would question our thought process, we must stay the course. It is not easy to do. Sometimes the time that is involved can become too much to bear. Or the amount of effort we need to put into achieving our goals may begin to take it’s toll.

We might experience fatigue in this process. But like the three wise men we must stay on our course. Following our own “star” to our final destination. Some people will tell you not to overwork yourself. Usually they are people who have had an enormous amount of success. They reached their goals by working twice as hard as anyone else. Once they have attained a certain level, it is easy to tell others not to work too hard.

But for those who are still following their star the work must go on. It might have to take place after they have already put in a full day’s work at their regular job. Or the goal may have to take up their free time on what would otherwise be a day off. It is far better to know that full effort was placed into reaching the “star”, than it is to wonder what could have been.

Would you follow a star? How far are you willing to travel?