Your Next Move...


Should be as carefully planned as maneuvering your pieces around a chess board. This isn't to say that you must literally count all of your steps. The idea here is to consider all of your options before making your NEXT MOVE. That can be more difficult than you would think depending on your circumstances. Unlike a chess board it is not always possible to see the pitfalls of a decision before it has been made. Especially if there are other factors involved ,such as time constraints or emotional turmoil. Quite honestly, it is usually under this sort of pressure that most of us must make major decisions.

Under duress, your thinking can become clouded and our abilities questioned. The challenge is to stay focused and SLOW things down. Two weeks before this past Christmas, my car was hit while parked. The damage did not look too bad at first. And I was able to drive it the following morning as I was heading to a Yankee Swap. I decided to stop at an ATM to get some cash. When I opened the door to the car the wind pushed it so far opened it would not close. It was a very chilly morning with wind chills bringing the 35 degrees down to -2. I called a body shop and they came and towed the car in. I sat in that car freezing for an hour and had plenty of time to do some thinking.

It would be a month before I got my Dodge Caliber back. In the meantime I drove a luxurious midsize vehicle that was fully loaded. Needless to say I was in absolutely no rush to get back into my little car with crank windows. But when the time came for me to turn in the rental I had some other pressing matters to attend to. I had an engine light that refused to stay OFF. I had replaced the part responsible for this malfunction three times. My mechanic told me it was time to call it a day. I could not even think about getting a new car. I had too many other things going on. What I needed was TIME.

When I picked up my car something fascinating happened! The engine light was OFF!! I could not believe it.The very next morning I went and had an oil change. You see the part that was malfunctioning directly affected the oil check engine light. This was all very crucial because I needed an inspection sticker. The one I had was due to expire at the end of January. That meant by the time I picked up the car I had less than two weeks. After the oil change I had to drive the car 100 miles before I could get a sticker. Every day I got behind the wheel and prayed that light would stay OFF. And guess what? It did!! I was able to get a sticker that was good for a year.

By slowing things down in my mind and taking it one step at a time ( along with some divine intervention) I was able to get some more TIME. That time I received permitted me to look around and see what my options would be for a replacement vehicle!!

Give yourself the gift of having OPTIONS!! This can be done by thinking through your next MOVE!!