you have the power

To release into the universe anything that you desire to have. Some people think that holding onto things is that show others they have power. But what they do not realize is that by not allowing some things to go, those things turn into obstacles.

It would be humanly impossible to maintain the life of a butterfly in captivity. Without it’s natural habitat we would be jeopardizing it’s life span.The same is true of suppressing our natural abilities to do and be more than we have ever conceived. Think about the people you know in your own intimate circle of friends. I guarantee that you know at LEAST one person who has the ability to do something out of the ordinary.

A few years ago, I was working with a woman who loves to bake. She would spend her free time while her kids were in school, baking up some things with her cousin. Every once in a while she would bring in pictures of some of the cakes they had made. On one occasion I told her she and her cousin ought to think about starting a small baking business. She looked at me funny. Blushed a little bit. And basically shrugged me and the idea off of her shoulders.

Time went by and she would continue bringing in pictures of cakes. They were getting better and better every time I saw a picture. She and her cousin were really getting good. I mentioned the idea of her starting a business in front of one of her peers. Within two weeks they had a bunch of orders. She could not believe it. As the orders started coming in people were asking her why she had not told them about this before.

In fact some of their customers were visibly upset that they had missed the opportunity of having their baked products at their function.This lady is probably one of the few people I have ever said “I told you so” to. I did it because I wanted her to realize that she has more power than she could ever know. She was all wrapped up in worrying about how she was going to do all of this with the kids, the dog and her husband.

As it turned out, it all fell into place once she let go of everything she was allowing to be an obstacle. YOU HAVE THE POWER! RELEASE IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!