this is our story

Two years ago I began writing this blog. It became my way of communicating to the world my story. Somewhere along the journey it became much more than that. You see as I continued to write, time was moving forward. That is what time does. It never moves backwards. And while time was moving on, I had healed from breast cancer. I had endured a large surgery that left me on the operating table for 10 hours.

My children were growing while time was pressing forward. My daughter graduated high school and entered college. My son entered high school . All the while, there were forces working against my success. My children’s father would from time to time try to starve us financially. He would suddenly lose his job, through some unfortunate event.

What I learned is that his circumstances did not have to dictate how my children and I would live. Armed with a determination that even surprised myself,I took on the challenge of raising my children alone and supporting them financially the same way.

It has not been easy but we are making it! Success can only be diminished when YOU allow it to be. I work with varying organizations to motivate people in realizing that no matter what your circumstances are YOU CAN MAKE IT!!

If you have an event or organization that requires a speaker, please contact me at jsenn001@gmail.com or 781-718-2858.

I am a published author with articles on Yahoo, as well as a book contributor to Germaine Moody’s “50 Seeds of Greatness”.

I have been a keynote speaker at conferences and have traveled throughout the country encouraging others to pursue their dreams and goals in life.

I do create conferences for businesses and can be contacted for Life/Business Coaching;