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COVID -19 has swept the nation into an unprecedented situation.  It has impacted EVERYONE in some way. I am here to help you through the aftermath. Whether you are looking for a job, trying to figure out YOUR new normal or dealing with the stress of returning to work, I am here to help guide you through it.

Regardless of what it is, if you feel like you do not know where to start, how to stand out from the multitude of other people applying for work, you are in the right place.

Hello, I am Jacqui Senn Certified Life and Business Coach, here to help you navigate through a whole new employment and life environment to find your balance and true fit. It is my purpose in life to assist those who seek help in finding theirs, regardless of age and identity.

I am here also to assist small businesses in redefining their purpose and niche in a marketplace that is uncertain. I have an extensive background in assisting small businesses with maintaining their customer base , increasing employee loyalty and moral.

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  •  I recently hired Jacqui Senn as a coach , in our first coaching section I informed her where I need assistance, in the coming weeks under her coaching and reflecting I was able to overcome several key issues  that would have prohibited my ultimate success if I would not have hired Jacqui . I find Jacqui to be honest in her appraisal of the situation and her approach was dead on point. She has wisdom and insight that would propel you much further than if you didn’t have a coach. She is the best and it’s with honor that I recommend my coach Jacqui Senn. Hire her , you be glad you did.

    - Grant Winstead

  • All I can say is Jacqui is absolutely wonderful the little bit I talked with her she figured out more about me then I told her. She gave me a couple things to try in my daily life. And honestly immediately I felt a difference. And I gentleman that comes to my work daily noticed a difference immediately. She’s absolutely wonderful at what she does. Also her daily messages are all so real and positive. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Jacqui is. Thank you for your awesome help. 

    - Charlie Falbo

  • Very, very inspirational quotes. Would highly recommend to EVERYONE!

    - Shelly Garcia

  • She is a great and beautiful lady, and a good friend of mine.

    - James Island

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