This is My Story

Two years ago I began writing this blog. It became my way of communicating to the world my story. Somewhere along the journey it became much more than that. You see as I continued to write, time was moving forward. That is what time does. It never moves backwards. And while time was moving on, I had healed from breast cancer. I had endured a large surgery that left me on the operating table for 10 hours.

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  • Very, very inspirational quotes. Would highly recommend to EVERYONE!

    - Shelly Garcia

  • She is a great and beautiful lady, and a good friend of mine.

    - James Island

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The Lesson of Three

This past May and early June three people a mother, daughter and a son all graduated from college. Now you may be thinking that these stories happen all the time, and maybe they do. But this particular story was never predicted to have this outcome. These three people did not start college on the same day. In fact the daughter and son were three years apart. Their mother who is also the author of this blog was the last of the three to start working on her graduate degree all by chance. It was by intention that the daughter attended ...

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The Right Embouchure

Photos courtesy of At the heart of anyone playing a woodwind instrument is the drive to achieve the correct embouchure. This is the term used to describe the way in which the musician applies the mouth to the mouthpiece of either a brass or woodwind instrument. This isn't something that just everyone can achieve with great success. Sometimes it is the difference between becoming a great musician and merely an average one. And then there are some people who were born with a innate ability, the right embouchure comes more naturally and takes little to ...

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Recognizing My Blessings

The other day I was watching the news and I heard the anchor person talk about the record sales that are happening since Black Friday.I watched a video that showed people shopping and fighting over THINGS in a store. The news then showed massive lines of people waiting outside stores until they opened, hoping to get the best deals of the season. I watched all of these things from the comfort of my couch, in my small apartment, sipping a cup of my favorite tea. It was at that precise moment that I started to count my blessings and ...

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