This is My Story

Back in 2013 I started a blog just to see if there were any other people who would be interested in what I had to talk about. At the time, I was post-divorced, raising two adolescents by myself. I was the person who was caught in the middle financially. I was not making enough to cover my bills but making too much for assistance. There were plenty of days I did not know how I was going to make it work for the three of us. Then, one day I realized I was looking in all the wrong places for an answer. I realized I had to get back to my faith. 

I soon became aware of just how many people were experiencing the same feelings as I was.  Along the way, I have had met many people. I have been on television, been a guest writer to Germaine Moody’s “50 Seeds of Greatness”, a guest blogger from time to time and continue my efforts to assist people with motivational content that they can relate to.

I am a certified Life Coach and this past June I graduated with a Master’s of Education in Mental Health Counseling.  I am always seeking new opportunities to Speak or expand my Life Coach client base.  If you are interested in any of these services, please fill out the form on this site and I will respond as soon as I possibly can.

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jacqui senn being interviewed