Don't Fight the Feeling

Published October 15th, 2019 by Jacquisennadmin

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay  

The other day I was thinking about what my daily quotes on social media would be about for the week. I usually try to have a theme each week, and then give my followers different aspects of that 

theme. As I was pondering what direction to go in, I received an e-mail from one of my coaching clients. She told me about a situation she found herself facing. It seems as though she had filled out

an online application for a job she  she really wanted. She said that they had plenty of  openings. She felt really lucky to have received a call back for a second interview and was 

overjoyed when she was offered the job. Soon after she was hired, she began noticing a lot of tension in the office.  The more I read of her e-mail and her predicament the more I knew we needed

to have a conversation over the phone ( that is her preferred method of communication with me). 

Once we were on the phone, I could hear the anxiety in her voice as she began to describe the environment she is working in. The more we got into what was going on, some interesting things began 

to unveil themselves. I asked her to recall the initial interview she had at this company and to think about how that felt. She said that she was really nervous about getting the job because she felt as 

though it would be something great on her resume. She also said that she felt tension at that time as well, but dismissed it as just having butterflies.The more she thought about the first and second 

interviews, it came to light that it wasn't just her feeling that way. In fact , she said that she noticed the people working there, appeared extremely stressed. She said that her desire to work at this 

particular firm she ignored her intuition.

This client of mine is not unlike other people in the world. How many times have you ignored that feeling in your GUT because you feel as though you HAVE to do something. Humans are the only

species on the planet that can over ride their instinct. This is evident when we see people in the news because they entered a burning building to rescue someone who was trapped inside.   If you have 

ever noticed , right before a storm there are no animals around. The birds have stopped singing and there is not a squirrel to be found 

anywhere. That is because they have an instinct that a storm is brewing and they must follow that. They run for cover and protect their young. Some species of monkeys actually group together as a 

community in trees during a snowfall so they can share the body heat. 

What I would like everyone who is reading this post to do is to embrace their feelings or intuition. Acknowledge how you are feeling and pay attention as to why that may be. YOU are the expert

when it comes to YOU. You know what will work and what won't work for you. If something is making you uncomfortable , take a moment and think about why that is. Do not concern yourself with 

what other people are thinking. And whatever you do do not ask other people for their opinions on YOUR feelings. The only person you have to trust is yourself. Tap into your inner guidance and follow 



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