It's an Easy Leap !!

Published December 31st, 2017 by Jacqui Senn LLC

For a lot of people, the beginning of a new year can seem overwhelming. But the truth is that the new year will come whether or not you participate in the celebration. It is the same way with life. Time moves forward with or without your involvement. That is why, this is a GREAT TIME TO TAKE THAT LEAP ! Take that goal that you placed in the back of the closet out. Blow off all the dust that has accumulated on top of it over the past year. Look at it face to face and determine that you will find a way to achieve it. NO

MATTER WHAT IT IS!! Do not wait for circumstances to decide things for YOU !!

I know this is scary for you ! You might be thinking that there is absolutely NO WAY you could ever achieve that goal. But I assure you that you CAN and WILL achieve more than you ever thought you could just by being PRESENT! By staying focused on your goals and seeking out opportunities to make them come into reality, you will be amazed at what will come your way.

I want you to do a couple of things for yourself in the pursuit of your goals. First, I want you to write them down. List them in the order of the level of importance they play in your life. For instance, if the car you are driving has seen better days, put a newer car towards the top of your list before the car makes the decision for you. Do not let that automobile become a money pit you cannot afford. There are plenty of deals out there and with a little effort you can find one that will fit your budget.

Secondly, I want you to keep the list at your immediate reach at all times. Some people use vision boards and if that works for you it's okay. But, having your list within your immediate reach, will allow you to remember and re-focus if you begin to forget what it is you are after. If you are trying to save up for something, you may have to give up something else in the short term to reach that goal. I listen to people complain about something that they are lacking in their lives. Some goal that they wish they could reach. Yet they have not changed nay of their daily habits in order to make room for what they truly want. Take a good long hard look at how and where you spend money that you could cut back on. Even if it is only three dollars a day. Because at the end of one month in a thirty day period that will be almost one hundred dollars.

Finally, I want you to picture yourself achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Each and every day take a few moments to yourself and meditate on these things. Keep your faith in yourself alive. Even when things might seem as though they are taking a turn in the opposite direction, keep yourself together. Breathe in and breathe out, and remember that what you want will come to pass. All that you are in is no more than a momentary lapse. It will be easy to give up at this point, but you MUST stay on course to your future.

Its an EASY LEAP... TAKE IT!!!

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