Learning From Life's Lessons

Published April 18th, 2021 by Jacquisennadmin

From the time we are children we are learning life's lessons. They usually start small with the desire to have something and being told "NO". As we grow, so do the size of our lessons. Some people might wish they had a crystal ball so they could see in advance what was coming towards them. The truth is, even with the ability to " sense" that things may not be right, there are often times when we find ourselves in the middle of heart break because we ignored our feelings. This heartache can be used as a way of clearing our " vision" instead of an obstacle. 

Initially whenever a heartache occurs we are not in a " good place"  emotionally to process this as an opportunity for growth, however with a little time clarity will come. I once had a client who had met someone online in a different country they wanted to date. She had met him through a mutual friend and things moved along at a good pace for her. He came to visit the USA and spent some time with her and her friends. She showed me the pictures of them together on this visit and was ecstatically happy. She posted them on all of her social media. When she showed me the pictures it was clear that SHE was the happy one and he appeared very flat and emotionless sitting next to her. Time went by and their relationship grew to the point where they began traveling to each other every few months. One day when she returned home, she received a text message from him saying he had a great time with her over the weekend. Great news except she was not with him that weekend. She did some investigating and discovered  that he was indeed " cheating" on her. At first she forgave him as he promised never to do anything like that again.

She spent a lot of money in airplane tickets and on food and entertainment when she visited him. She did not mind at all. She was in love. Then one day she discovered a post he had placed online with another woman announcing their intimate relationship and their plans for having a family. She was devastated , and went into a deep depression for a few weeks. Her family and friends tried relentlessly to get her to go out and do things.One day, her best friend called her and said " look while you are in your room being depressed and lonely, he is out and about enjoying life". These words hit her hard, and she realized that indeed this was true. She got up, took a shower, changed into clean clothes and started working on her dream of going to college.

Once she got accepted into college , she met a few guys along the way, but did not allow them or their plans to become a distraction from her goal. This young woman graduated Summa Cum Laude and gave the commencement speech at her graduation!! 

Turning things that are heartaches into opportunity is not an easy thing to do but can be accomplished !! Please like and share your experiences with me !!

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