• Sep 4

    Predestined Purpose !!

    What comes to your mind when you think about having a predestined purpose? Do you think it all rests on knowing what kind of work you will do? Or do ...

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  • Aug 21

    How to Create Change !!

    One thing I have noticed is that people are usually looking to CHANGE something in their lives. The change can be about the space they live in, going on a ...

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  • Aug 7

    Before You Take a Pill !!

    I have been seeing a lot more advertisements lately for medications that are meant to assist people in managing their moods. In one of the most recent ads I have ...

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  • Jul 17

    It's Never Too Late !!

    In 2017 I was employed as a nursing assistant, and at the time I worked at a hospital on a medical surgical floor. O considered myself fortunate at the time because ...

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  • Jul 10

    Expressing Gratitude

    Expressing gratitude is a way of saying thank you for things. These things can be a gift, an opportunity or merely having a special relationship with someone. But it is ...

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