How to Create Change !!

Published August 21st, 2022 by Jacquisennadmin

One thing I have noticed is that people are usually looking to CHANGE something in their lives. The change can be about the space they live in, going on a diet, starting new exercise habits or getting rid of a habit that is negatively impacting their lives. Any of these things that I have mentioned can be a large undertaking and tax our willpower in different ways.

I was thinking back to the day I quit smoking 22 years ago this past August 1st, and I am still amazed that I was able to start that journey. For years I was the person who would say things like " I am not a quitter" and laugh as I lit another cigarette. I never left my home without matches, a lighter and of course my cigarettes . Then one day in 2000, something interesting happened to me. For the first time ever, I could smell the cigarettes on my clothing, my skin and in my home.

This is the first step in starting to making a change, AWARENESS. You must be aware that there is something that needs to change . If you think that having bright pink walls in your home is fine, or eating junk food everyday is ok, then you may not be ready for change. If you are not ready to walk a little bit to get some exercise then starting an exercise regiment is highly unlikely.

I remember being disgusted with myself for the very first time over the " stink" of stale cigarette smoke . That was the moment I started praying for help, because at the time I was still enjoying the cigarettes. I was on my knees, with my head bowed down every chance I could get in prayer because I knew I could not do it alone.

The second step is to seek ASSISTANCE, don't try changing your home environment without doing some research first. Talking with your doctor may be necessary before you start exercising and most of prayer or meditation should be at the center of your journey. Do not view this as being weak, we are all human and are not meant to journey by ourselves.

One day I will never forget it, it was early morning August 1, 2000 somehow I knew it was time to totally give it up. I took the entire package of cigarettes and gingerly placed them at the top of the trash bin. Then I took the dog out for a walk , came back home and had some breakfast. I spent the remaining time of that day looking up and praying that " this would work". And what I learned was this was just the beginning of my journey.

The third step to creating change is to ACCEPT that the change you want is a journey and will not happen overnight. There were nights filled with nightmares that I had relapsed and smoke a cigarette. These dreams were so vivid , I would wake in a sweat with my heart pounding . It was only when I realized the ashtrays and the cigarettes were no longer part of my household I was able to go back to sleep. There were days in the beginning, that all I could think about was having a cigarette. That all changed one day when I was out with my son who was three at the time, and I saw a woman with her young child in her arms lighting up a cigarette. It was then I knew that my prayers has been answered and I was on the right path because " for the grace of GOD" that could have been me.

The final step in creating change is to ACKNOWLEDGE the progress you are making. If you fight an addiction whether it is a substance or food , keep track of everyday you have gone without what was harming you. When you write down or check off the days you have been successful it will outweigh the moments you have with those thoughts that are trying to take you BACK . It may seem like small stuff right now but remember you can only take it one day at a time.

God Bless Everyone this week and remember to be AWARE, seek ASSISTANCE be ACCEPTING and to ACKNOWLEDGE your success!! Most importantly include HIM in everything you do and HE will never let you down!!

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