Before You Take a Pill !!

Published August 7th, 2022 by Jacquisennadmin

I have been seeing a lot more advertisements lately for medications that are meant to assist people in managing their moods. In one of the most recent ads I have seen, the narrator strongly suggested NOT to overthink things and just " take the pill". The ad was in the setting of a person questioning a relationship and whether or not it was in danger.

What disturbed me the most about this , is that it is exactly what medication should NOT be used for. It is very normal to question ourselves and also the relationships we are in. Things can and often do change as time moves on. Some might question whether or not to take a relationship to " the next level", whatever that might be. Others may question if the feelings are still there or if there has been a drifting apart.

Our feelings should never be masked with medication initially, they should be explored by talking to the other person involved . Trusting our feelings should always come FIRST and we should remember that they are our warning signs or alerts to something being different. If a relationship does not feel right to YOU, then those are YOUR feelings and quite frankly cannot be disputed. The real question then becomes, why are you feeling this way? What has happened to create this discontent within you? 

Are you feeling as though the person involved with you is withdrawing from you, or are you the one withdrawing and if so, why? The core post of it all is to get to the ROOT of the issue instead of taking medication or using other substances that will only MASK your feelings !!

So before you take the pill, take the plunge and ask the difficult questions and start those difficult conversations. That may be the only medication you will require !!

As always GOD BLESS!!

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