Predestined Purpose !!

Published September 4th, 2022 by Jacquisennadmin

What comes to your mind when you think about having a predestined purpose? Do you think it all rests on knowing what kind of work you will do? Or do you consider the possibility of your purpose being centered around friends and family. You see most of the world concerns itself on the material rewards that are received . 

Sometimes God calls us into service not for materialistic gain but for his purpose in providing a special and specific relationship to one another. When I was growing up , there were exactly five different black families in my town, and we one of them. My father had died when I was four and my mother had a close friend who was also widowed with one son. Her son and my brother were exactly six months apart in age and became close friends . 

Growing up I always referred to my mother's close friend as Aunt Margaret. Now many of you reading this post may be thinking, yeah so what no big deal. But this relationship was a very big deal since my mother's family was limited to one living brother. As the years went on the relationship with my Aunt and my " cousin " Joe continued to this day and now I have " adopted" him as my " other brother". 

Throughout our ups and downs we have found a way to stay connected and when it seemed as though too much time had passed one of us would each out to the other. It's interesting how purpose is threaded into our lives in this way. Either people or situations that are meant to be beneficial to us repeatedly show up in one way or another, quite often unexpectedly.

So when I read the Bible which I do daily and I reflect back on Romans 8:28 , I realize that all of us are called to serve God's purpose in some way. It's important to remember that small things are what add up to big things. We all are called to serve God's purpose. How will you serve ?

God Bless Everyone !!

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