It All Starts With This

Published February 24th, 2018 by Jacqui Senn LLC

Anything that you want to do requires CHANGE. Some people might argue this point. But if you think about it it is an undeniable fact. I once had a conversation with a woman who LOVES Starbucks coffee. She loves it so much that it actually effects her outlook on her day. When she has a cup of that coffee in the morning at her desk, all hell could break loose and she would still be in a good place. The only problem is, the closest Starbucks to her is about ten minutes out of her way during her commute to work. For a while, she would get up ten minutes early each and every morning in so that she could get her coveted cup of coffee. It did not really bother her to get up a little earlier. In fact she looked forward to walking into work while smelling the delicious aroma emanating from that warm cup she was holding in her hand.

Then one day, she slept past her alarm! Luckily when she got to work someone had bought a cup of coffee for her. She went home that day promising herself to get up early the next morning. But, she decided to keep the extra minutes for herself instead of getting the coffee. Soon, she was miserable while she was at work. She began getting headaches, even though she had a soda with caffeine in it. It just was NOT the same.

Change as it turns out was more difficult than she had originally thought. After a few months had gone by she had become more irritable. She would even tell everyone around her that she was miserable. It was at this point she sought out my coaching services. As it turned out, the coffee was the tip of the iceberg.

Whenever I take on new clients, I let them know that WE are a team. Together we will tackle those things that are presenting themselves as obstacles or barriers to success. After one month of talking, this young lady was back to getting up early. She decided to go back to getting her daily coffee. Not because she missed the caffeine, but more so because it was her one indulgence. It made the rest of her day bearable.By the second month, she was back to her daily one mile walk. She was feeling better than she had in a couple of years.

With her renewed energy and her cup of java in the morning, her overall mood had improved to the point where people at her work were happy to see her. She was offered a different position within the company, and accepted it. When she asked her new boss why he offered her the position, he told her it was because of her uplifting attitude. It is that attitude that has inspired her new co-workers to win several inter company awards for teamwork since she started working with them.

All of this because of one CHANGE that she made in her daily routine! Do you have obstacles that are preventing you from doing things? Regardless of how big or small they appear to be to you I can help you figure things out. Please fill out the contact form at to set up a free consultation!


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