• Jun 30

    The Lesson of Three

    This past May and early June three people a mother, daughter and a son all graduated from college. Now you may be thinking that these stories happen all the time, ...

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  • Feb 25

    The Right Embouchure

    Photos courtesy of At the heart of anyone playing a woodwind instrument is the drive to achieve the correct embouchure. This is the term used to ...

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  • Dec 3

    Recognizing My Blessings

    The other day I was watching the news and I heard the anchor person talk about the record sales that are happening since Black Friday.I watched a video that ...

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  • Aug 15
  • Jul 28

    Simple Pleasures in Life

    When I was a kid, every summer my mother would complain about all the little yellow flowers that were growing in our lawn. Personally, I thought they were pretty. The ...

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