• Jun 12

    Creating Mindful Mantras !!

    Mindfulness is at the center of therapy. You might ask yourself , why is that when there are plenty of other strategies or coping skills people can use? Well, the answer ...

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  • May 29

    Dealing with Depression

    Some people think there is no difference between sadness and depression but there is a distinct difference between the two which I will explain in this blog. Before I do ...

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  • May 15

    Being Mindful ...

    MMindfulness is becoming more and more mainstream. It seems as though everywhere I look, whether In randlph is online or at at the grocery store there is something about mindfulness. ...

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  • Jan 30

    Propagating Purpose !

    There is so much going on in the world today around mindfulness and relaxation. Let's face it the two past years have taken the world in a direction that ...

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  • Sep 12

    When God is Anonymous !!

    Has there ever been a time in your life when things just FELL into place ? You might have been feeling as though you were standing beneath a lucky star ?  ...

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