When God is Anonymous !!

Published September 12th, 2021 by Jacquisennadmin

Has there ever been a time in your life when things just FELL into place ? You might have been feeling as though you were standing beneath a lucky star ? 

Well I have something to say about these occasions: God is behind everything that happens to us even if it appears as though it is by CHANCE.

Some people might argue that they got LUCKY to be at a certain location at a certain time. But I believe that GOD places people where he wants them in order to do his will. I will explain this in detail since I have experienced it firsthand when I was transitioning into a new career.

In 2018 I was half way though my Masters in Mental Health and I was still employed as a nursing assistant. The time was coming near that I really needed to get a job in the field and find an internship. I had looked at the internal openings on the psychiatric floors at the hospital where I was working and there were no full time openings. I was a little disappointed and decided to put my resume together and apply at some other agencies.

At the time, the hospital I was working at was preparing to close and had already begun reducing staff as they  were limiting the number of patients that were admitted to the medial floor. It was about a week after I had looked for an opening at the hospital, the new head of Human Resources visited our unit. She told us that it would be a good idea to start looking for openings at the other locations as the closure was happening faster than anticipated.

I stayed late that day to speak with this woman personally. I told her about my plans for a new career ands advised me to apply for an internal position on one of the psychiatric floors. My heart sank because I had already looked the previous week and there were zero openings. I left the hospital that day feeling a little down. 

On the ride home, I was still thinking about what that woman had said, and at first thought there would be no point in looking again. But something happened when I got home that day. God spoke to me and said : take another look.  I made a cup of tea and logged into the system and there were two openings of which one was full time.

I e-mailed the Human Resources department the position I was interested in just as the woman had told me to do. Within a week I had an interview and was offered a job and an internship halfway through the interview!

I believe that God is behind every coincidence  and wishes to remain that way to help us do his will in the world!

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