Two Things Required for Success

Published April 25th, 2021 by Jacquisennadmin

I have quite a few client's who are focused on becoming "successful." Some of the issues that become evident in their struggle, have nothing to do with their material resources. It really becomes a matter of TWO distinct principles, that when applied to any situation will determine the outcome.

1) Persistence

2) Consistency

Some people would argue that you only need persistence, but anyone can be persistent in the attainment of something. They can be relentless in their pursuit until they get what they want. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but if they are not consistent in their behavior, true long lasting success will remain elusive and quite possibly they could lose all they gained.

A few years ago I had a client who was determined to start his own real estate business. Our weekly sessions focused on business planning, strategies and retention of customers. I have had very few clients with the amount of energy this man put into his persistence of gaining customers. He was so diligent that within six months he became the top selling realtor in his area.  One year later I got a text message from him asking if I would have time to "meet" with him. I was excited to hear all about his successes.

When we met at the local coffee shop, I was surprised at what he had to say. He told me that he had spent the last year and a half focused on acquiring new business and leads. Persistence was his strength after all. Then he told me that although he had acquired new business he was struggling with referrals. And in the real estate business word of mouth is the " golden ticket" for success. The problem was he struggled with being consistent with past customers. He would promise to keep in touch or to be available for consults and then would not follow up when they reached out to him. This lack of consistency lead him to lose a lot of deals and most of his referral base.

We established a time to meet weekly to review his strategy and to identify ways he could learn how to become consistent. Over a period of  a few months time we designed a way for him specifically to retain his referral base while managing his acquisition of new clients. He has once again become a real estate leader in his area !!

Remember it takes more than one way to become successful in life and in business!


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